Heat Power is now more efficient than Solar in the Cement Industry

November 13, 2017 Andreas Källroos


The cement industry is one of the most energy intensive manufacturing industries in the world. Energy consumption accounts for up to 40% of the total costs of cement production. The entire industry is highly affected by increasing energy prices and CO₂ penalties. The need for adaption of a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective energy solution is urgent.

Solar power today is a high-profile technology to invest in, due to subsidies, grants and support from local initiatives. Nowadays many cement plants are installing solar power to generate additional electricity and improve their CO₂ balance sheet, while at the same time underutilizing the primary energy source from their manufacturing process. This underutilized energy is often in the form of low temperature waste heat which is commonly untapped and released directly into the atmosphere.

Climeon Heat Power is a world leading technology that generates clean electricity by utilising this otherwise wasted heat. The technology is extremely cost-efficient at low temperature and enables cement plants to generate electricity at a lower price than solar.

To visualize the advantages of using heat power versus solar power, I will use the cost of power calculation from the following article - "Cheaper than Solar PV? Why low temperature Heat Power makes sense"

This comparison is based on a (Levelized Cost of Electricity) LCOE calculation for a 1 MWe installation. The LCOE discribes the net cost per unit of electricity over the total lifetime including capital expenditure, operations and maintenance. 

This comparison shows that Heat Power is producing five times more electricity using only a fraction of the required surface area with a slightly lower price per unit.

-      What are your thoughts on this topic?

-      What are the benefits of Heat Power/ Solar Power?

-      What are the downsides of Heat Power / Solar Power?

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