First geothermal site approved by customer

March 13, 2019 Charlotte Becker

Climeon has received its first geothermal site approval from Varmaorka. Kopsvatn 1, outside Fludir, it is the first geothermal power plant that uses Climeon’s Heat Power system. Varmaorka has now approved the site through a Site Acceptance Test (SAT).

In June, Climeon delivered four Heat Power-modules to Varmaorka’s first site Kopsvatn, outside Fludir in Iceland. Since then, Climeon and Varmaorka have been working together to build the surrounding power plant, install Climeon’s machines and control system for remote monitoring, and optimize the whole power plant.

During the Site Acceptance Test Varmaorka and Climeon tested the Heat Power modules capacity and power output, the control system that Climeon has built enabling remote monitoring and operation of the site.

- It has been an exciting project and we have been faced with a number of challenges on the way. I am very proud to have reached this milestone in collaboration with Varmaorka, says Anna Arvidsson, Delivery Project Manager at Climeon.

- Now that we have the first site up and running we can take the learnings from this site and roll out more small-scale geothermal power plants at a higher speed, says Ingvar Gardarsson, CEO of Varmaorka.

The Site Acceptance Test also marks the start of a two-month testing period before complete site hand-over. For two months Climeon and Varmaorka will evaluate the continuous operation of the power plant. After this period, Climeon will do a final site hand-over to Varmaorka, meaning that the power plant will have taken about twelve months from groundbreaking to hand-over.

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